Introducing the 7ft APEX Olympic Barbell. This barbell is built to all professional and competition specifications so that you can train how you compete!


The knurling on the APEX Olympic Barbell is highly aggressive, deep pitted with volcano style knurling. With a seamless chrome finish as well as high-quality bearings, our bars seamlessly spin to promote correct mechanics of movement during lifts as well as reduce the risk of injury. While the bar is versatile for many avenues of training, if compound lifts are your jam, this bar will be well suited for your training!


Why Choose Us?

✔ All of the APEX bars are manufactured with an anti-rust coating. This useful coating is extremely durable in preventing knicks, peeling, and ultimately the worst enemy of steel...rusting.

✔ We proudly offer 2 day delivery on all orders of barbells and weight plates within Calgary and surrounding areas. Big or small, be rest assured that you will receive your order within 48 hours.

✔ Our bars are engineered with highly functional components to promote correct mechanics of movement during lifts as well as reduce the risk of injury.

✔ Our unique machining process ensures exact replicas for every barbell that we produce. This guarantees the exact same look, quality, weight, and feel of each steel plate.

✔ Our customer support is quick to respond and always available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

✔ Last but most definitely not least, we are local to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, so with your purchase you would be supporting a local and Canadian business!


C$349.99 Regular Price
C$299.99Sale Price
  • • Overall length - 86"

    • Plate sleeves - 2"

    • Grip area - 51.8"

    • Grip Diameter - 28mm

    • Weight - 20Kgs(44Lbs)

    • Heat Tempered / Hard Chrome

    • 1000LB Test

    • High Quality Brass Bushings / Bearings